Using The Arts To Empower The World


The arts have always been the best modality for bringing people together. It can serve as a catalyst for dialogue, finding ways to heal, to give back, and to promote caring for each other. We are using the arts to directly shine a light into areas that need work, and then we are rolling up our sleeves and getting it done standing shoulder to shoulder.

Mission Statement

Having Purpose Entertainment uses the arts to empower our communities by creating spaces where entertainers can go to perform, directly lending their talents to creating a positive impact in marginalized communities locally and in countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Entertainers can also give back in meaningful and productive ways to communities by rolling up their sleeves in addition to lending their talents and engaging in different projects. 

We are transparent in showing how 30-40% of the profits generated by these events will be used to execute projects in that country, empowering communities to sustainability.

We are also vested in empowering our partners, employees, and audience to always present the best versions of themselves so that together we can have the best outcomes.     

Vision Statement

Using the arts to empower our world, one show at a time, one community at a time, leading to a world where we all have equality and social equity where all disparities are eliminated.